National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Gunsmithing Seminar at Western Kentucky University
Class Descriptions and Instructor Listings for 2017

9 Day Seminar Classes – Begin on Wednesday May 31st at 1:00 p.m. CST and end on Friday, June 9th at 1:00 p.m.

Stocking an 1800’s English Flintlock Sporting Rifle – Ron Scott
A Staudenmayer ½ stock rifle will serve as the model for this nine day class. In addition to the basic inletting and shaping techniques to stock this rifle, we will address skill sets such as soldering sheet metal under ribs, fitting a horn forend, fitting a hook breech, and checkering the wrist. Discussion of English forms of stock finish and metal treatment will be part of the stylistic studies for this project. Since the project features a hook breech and barrel wedges, it is possible to create a flintlock with multiple barrels, One distinct option would be a 12 gage shotgun barrel, straight bore or choked. The standard barrel will be a tapered and flared octagon barrel rifled and in 58, 60 or 62 caliber. The anticipated material fee is to be $750 using a standard grade European walnut blank. Ron has a large inventory of blanks in various grades if students wish to upgrade. Options for extra barrels can be discussed. Feel free to call Ron at 541-941-0395 with any questions.

Woodbury School of Gunmaking and Forging Related Accoutrements – Hershel, Frank and John House
As in the past, seminar activities will take place at the home of Hershel House located in Woodbury, Kentucky. His home is located 20 miles from Western Kentucky University. Participants will engage in projects of their own choosing which ranges from knife making to forging iron rifle mounts and related lock parts into a completed rifle project. The major focus of the class is to develop forging and finishing skills of iron related artifacts associated with the 18th century gun trade. Once registration is completed, individuals may need to contact one of the House brothers regarding their specific project for the seminar. A suggested listing of tools and materials will be sent to all participants. A class fee of $50 will be collected from each participant on the first day of class to cover the cost of coal, and related incidental items such as screws and iron for forging.

Advanced 18th Century Porcupine Quill Work – Lally House
The nine day class is specifically designed to enhance the quill working abilities of participants with prior experience at Western Kentucky University or another related seminar class. Attention will be given to advanced period designs developed by participants along with specialized techniques associated with moose hair embroidery and other related techniques. Emphasis will focus on period correct processes and materials. A demonstration of dyeing quills will be presented using period dye materials. Students will leave with a finished product and/or a work in progress with sufficient materials to finish their project at home. All tools and
materials will be provided at the time of the seminar with an appropriate course fee for materials based on the scope of each participant’s project.

Making Tools for the Gun Maker – George Suiter
Students will make several useful tools for period gun making including a scratch stock for shaping fore stock moldings, wire inlay tools, barrel key in-letting tools, ramrod pipe mandrels, golden mean proportional dividers, square reamers, counter bores, a scribe, scrapers, and a patch box hinge bending jig. The class will also observe and use other 18th century hand tools. Students will learn how efficient 18th century hand tools can be. A $45 material fee will be collected the first day of class. A listing of additional materials needed to complete the class will be sent out once registration is complete. This is a completely new class for 2017!

Christian Springs Rifle Making and Rifle Design and Construction – Jack Brooks
For the Christian Springs rifle making class, castings for the guard and butt plate will be supplied while participants will be responsible for forming, filing, and fitting remaining mounts. Specifications for the lock, stock and barrel will be sent to participants in advance so that they can be ordered and supplied on time for the seminar. Participants have the option of having the barrel inlet and ramrod channel cut prior to class or actually performing the process by hand in class. The specific stock profile pattern with supporting original photos will be made available to all participants. Jack Brooks will contact individuals prior to the seminar to help with purchasing necessary materials for the class along with a suggested tool list. Cost of materials will be sent to participants once registration has been finished. The class is open to individuals who have participated in the past who were unable to complete their rifle and newcomers who wish to craft a rifle in the Christian Springs style. The class is also open to individuals who need to finish an arm that was started and never completed, or individuals who wish to craft a period correct arm in a style not offered in any of the other seminar classes. In either case, you will need to contact Jack to discuss your options for the seminar and his class in particular. Jack’s email address is