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SELLING:  Furs, buckskins, rawhides, antlers, sinew, claws, teeth, beads, feathers, etc.  Over 10,000 items. Complete internet catalog Questions or Comments? E-mail: Phone: 208-882-0601 | fax: 208-882-5715 PO Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho

The Question of In-Lines

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MUZZLELOADING AFIELD/Al Raychard-Maine We’re taking break from our normal hunting-related topic this month and addressing an issue that seems to have spawned some controversy within the NMLRA. A great deal

Bevel Brothers: Offhand Rifle Shooting

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Bevel Up This month we’ll look at rifle shooting on the Offhand Line. First we’ll talk about the matches because that’s more or less the easy part. The NMLRA offers

A Young Lad’s First Friendship, Pt. II

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By John Curry What in the world kind of a place have I just walked into? Holy moly! I can’t believe my eyes. Non-stop muzzle loading rifles and everything that

The Gunsmith John Rupp

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By John Kolar The phrase “One picture is worth a thousand words” is credited to Fred Barnard in the trade journal Printers Ink December, 1921. Barnard was promoting advertisements that

Purdey’s Perspectives on Percussion Guns

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by Fred Stutzenberger Purdey is a name revered in gunning circles. James Purdey & Sons (currently a subsidiary of Cie. Financiere Richemont SA) produces some of the most prestigious (and

The Ashley Hawken Part I

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Fur traders on keelboat coming down the Missouri River (Courtesy of Steamboat Times). by Bob Woodfill The Ashley Hawken is J.& S. Hawken Serial #1–Or the first Hawken rifle built

NMLRA M5 | May 11

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May 11, 2018   Contact: Bob Wetzler (812) 689-6629

NMLRA/NRA Muzzleloading

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NMLRA/NRA Muzzleloading Instructor Class given by Klint Macro June 6, 7, 8, 2018 at the NMLRA Headquarters in Friendship IN. Cost for NMLRA Members – $250. Cost for non-members $295.